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College Savings Plans

Planning for college can be a daunting task, with all the options and scenarios to consider.  Our professional advisors can help you explore your option and create a college savings plan that works for you.

Ongoing Member Financial Education

At Brolen Davis we believe that informing our members on a variety of topics is important and shouldn’t stop once you become a member.  We provide educational workshop on a regular base that can include both financial and non-financial topics.  Check back often for an updated list of events and register to attend.

Cash Flow & Debt Management

Your paycheck does not come with an instruction manual.  It is not uncommon to have questions… Are you spending too much (or maybe not enough)? Combining the powerful tools available with your private online dashboard with the personalized advice from our professional advisors, we can help you make sense of your finances.

Unique Saving Plans

You want to save but what should you do first.  How do you get your questions answered? How do you what your options are? How much is enough? Give us a call and we will spend some time discussing the most efficient ways to maximize your savings through retirement accounts and taxable investment accounts. Few things are more beneficial than compounding interest!

Charitable Giving

If you’re ready to consider pursuing charitable giving or looking for ways to maximize your current philanthropic gifting .  We are an unbiased resource ready to assist with these challenging, emotional decisions. There are strategies available that will have a significant impact on those you care about.  We are here to provide support every step of the way.

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