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Who We are


Good things happen when you blend an in touch understanding of the Pharmacy community with technology and Wealth Advisory.

The founders of Pharmakon Wealth Advisors have one goal in mind: to build better money management experience for our members. That’s why we’re blending cutting edge technology with objective financial advice. We believe this is the best way to empower individuals.

With our client-centric business model, Pharmakon Wealth Advisors is fundamentally altering the traditional financial services landscape by using a blend of other service models.


We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience for our members. Our boots on the ground approach allows us to share what’s trending in the pharmacy community. Through our grass roots efforts with Pharmacy Universities we are able to keep our pulse on what’s coming.


Objective: We provide objective financial advice, held to the highest standards and in our clients ‘best interests.

Transparent: We ensure a transparent experience for our clients, with no gimmicks or hidden fees.

Personal: Our clients each have unique personal financial needs. We deliver customized strategies for each individual.

Dedicated: Our personal financial advisors are dedicated to our clients’ well-being and deliver conflict-free advice.

Holistic: Our process helps our clients make well-informed financial decisions with a holistic view of their money.

Strategic: We help clients build a strategic financial plan, avoiding high-priced products in favor of affordable solutions.