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Retirement Salary Solutions

Accumulation to Distribution: a paradigm shift

Everything changes on the day you retire. That’s when you have to turn your savings into a sustainable retirement income stream. However the best time to start that process is before you actually retire. How and where you save and invest will have a direct impact on how you tap into those assets when you need them.

  • We’ll help you prioritize your savings and investments among both taxable and tax-deferred options.
  • Determine if building non-reportable income sources are appropriate for you
  • We can help design income solutions with the goal of providing lifetime income.
  • We’ll help navigate social security  
  • We’ll help you decide when and if to roll your 401(k) into an IRA or utilize a section 72t distribution.
  • We’ll design a step by step plan for how your money comes back to you based on your current and future needs.

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