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An educated member is our best member. You can go practically anywhere to speak with a financial advisor and purchase investments or insurance. Large banks, insurance companies and online discount brokers are vying for your business along with financial advisors, but do they spend the time to get to know you? Ask yourself what type of firm you should trust. At Brolen Davis, we provide advisory services based on what best suites you both personally and financially. We are aligned with pursuing solutions that are in your best interest and present a superior opportunity for you because:

  • We treat our members the way we would want to be treated
  • We continue to rely on referrals from our members to grow our business, which means we are very motivated to please every member we serve.
  • We are an independent, privately owned firm with deep roots in the charlotte community
  • As an independent financial advisory firm with fiduciary responsibilities, we choose financial products that are best for you – unbiased by the demands and sales quotas that could be imposed by a corporate parent.
  • You receive personal attention and guidance from our professional advisors who come to know you and your goals.

This is the value in private wealth management at Brolen Davis. Our professional financial advisors and knowledgeable staff are there to genuinely assist you in the best way possible. We start our process by scheduling a free consultation, where you’re able to meet with a financial advisor to discuss your future goals and ask any questions you may have.  It is important from the beginning to make sure we are good fit for each other. This consultation is a great opportunity for you to understand our process while also establishing a relationship with your financial advisor. After your consultation, together we will determine the appropriate next steps.

Determining the appropriate place to start is critically important at Brolen Davis.  We believe that one should know if they would benefit from working with us before committing to anything.  The Brolen Davis advisory staff includes experienced financial experts who are here to advise on a variety of needs. Our financial advisory services include:

We encourage you to explore all the financial advisory services we offer to see what suites you. Not sure? That is no problem, as our financial advisors are ready and willing to assist you. Please contact our office to set up an appointment with a financial advisor today!

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