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Wealth Management

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Wealth management should be a priority for high-net worth individuals who hope to sustain and grow their wealth in the long run.

Wealth management is customized to every individual’s unique portfolio and long-term goals with a range of services that are personalized to each member’s specific needs. These services typically include estate and legacy planning, tax planning, investment management, retirement planning and maximizing corporate benefits.

While financial planning is important for everyone, it is essential for high-net worth individuals and families who may need a more multifaceted investment strategy and additional services to help manage their wealth. Wealth managers can be versed in the various needs of high-net worth individuals, including stock-option planning, business succession and high-net worth specific tax planning.

Our wealth management team provides guidance on all aspects of a high-net worth individual’s financial livelihood. Our wealth managers differ from those at other companies as ours are not only financial advisors, they also take on estate planning, tax planning and retirement planning while coordinating with other experienced professionals including CPA’s and attorneys. By taking into consideration all aspects of a high-net worth members financial life we can tailor your investment strategy to meet other needs, which provides a well-rounded approach that aims to safeguard and grow a member’s wealth for one’s lifetime and beyond.

The services our specialists provide to you when meeting at our greater Charlotte offices are by no means generic. When planning for your future and determining the best money management strategy, we strive to know you. Knowing your goals, habits, wants, desires and needs allows us to personalize your planning process so all parties feel confident in the strategy. Our specialists have knowledge in all the areas of service we provide which results in a well-rounded and comprehensive wealth management plan for you. Brolen Davis Wealth Management has many loyal members throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas because we’ve given them a genuine opportunity to have confidence in our wealth management planning process by putting their needs first and having clear communication every step of the way.

Wealth management is all about transparency, accountability and taking ownership of your financial future; therefore, we encourage you to meet with an advisor at our Charlotte office. Other companies may only focus on one aspect of your wealth plan, whereas our approach is to set you up for long-term success in many financial areas. The benefits to wealth planning with an advisor from Brolen Davis:

  • Your advisor will create a personalized wealth strategy built on your standards and goals, not an impersonal benchmark.
  • Alongside your advisor is a dedicated team of financial specialists to guide you through your wealth planning and investment management needs.
  • Ongoing wealth planning guidance, service and support, in addition to annual portfolio reviews, giving you all the tools to succeed.

Have confidence in your wealth management plan with Brolen Davis. Not only do we create a custom and thorough plan, we continue to offer support to ensure the management of your wealth is sound so your money lasts.

To learn more about Brolen Davis’s wealth management services, call us today at 704-441-3300 to schedule an in-person appointment at our Charlotte office.

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